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Have fun in my illustrated world!

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Have you heard about the Post-Out collection?

Some people say it’s all black and white over there,
others say it’s extremely limited,
still others say it transports them back to fond memories of their travels..
Who knows the truth? Maybe everyone..

Meet the Artist

I am a travel lover. It has always been a common thread. Encounters around the globe, landscapes, visual slaps, feelings, emotions, smells, colors, all of these travel features have created and still create in me a tasty cocktail of inspiration.
Go ahead, get deeper into my story and figure it out what led me to this artistic career.

I’m thrilled you’re here, thank you all for your support!

Love, Gobi

Any project for me?

Commissions & Services
for private and professional

As an illustrator / graphic designer and because I love it, part of my time is dedicated to commissions and services. I love creating for myself, but also for others.
I love the fact that together we can imagine and bring an idea to life. You can reach me for a personalized drawing, a vinyl cover, a project in need of illustration, but also logo, graphic charter, brand identity.. Take a look at my services page to see some examples of what I’ve done for clients.

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