Who is Gobi Ward?

Hi, I’m Flo, aka Gobi Ward, from Rennes in Brittany! 🇫🇷 I’m a Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer.

Passionate about travel and graphic art, my experiences abroad influence my creativity and my art daily. For me, it’s a real source of inspiration, which grows as I travel and meet new people. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to travel through Latin America, Europe and Asia. I still want to travel, and I think I always will, but I also need a bit of a sedentary lifestyle to develop projects with my loved ones. In 2023, I made my big return to Brittany with my head full of ideas and an artistic side to feed. I’m now convinced that art and travel will guide me all the way.

Why did you follow this artist illustrator path?

Good question! First and foremost, working in the arts was a goal for me, a childhood dream, an accomplishment.

As I’ve grown up and traveled, my mind and heart have been nourished without satiation… But travel always comes to an end. That’s what makes it so beautiful and delectable. Illustration, drawing and art in general are my very own way of continuing to travel and share these journeys, but also of expressing my experiences in other ways. Art is an extraordinary tool for conveying emotions, facts of life and images.

When traveling alone, we are sometimes struck by the solitude of sharing events or simple panoramas that touch us deeply and that we can’t fully share with our loved ones. The 100% accuracy of what we felt at the time is up to us, and there’s an element of enchantment in that, but also frustration.

Through my art, I feel able to express different facets of my life and my imagination in a way that complements my adventure stories or invents new ones. In short, the path of Artist Illustrator was indirectly mapped out in my life path, and has taken on more and more meaning since I chose it.

My art

I’m particularly keen to showcase my artworks and services on my own website.
It’s a way for me to open up to you, to express my personality, my creativity and my art according to my own ideals.
It also gives me the opportunity to present my artworks coherently and to have visual and functional control over their virtual gallery.

It gives me the opportunity to offer you an optimal user experience, in complete harmony with my world.
Gobi-Ward.com is therefore the only place on the web where you can buy my artworks in limited editions, delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

To find out more about the paper used, framing option, advices for proper display and conservation of your new artwork, visit my additional information page!

If you have an unanswered question, feel free to e-mail me at: hello@gobi-ward.com. Thanks for reading this far, see you soon!

Love, Gobi.