The Black & White Art Collection

What is the Post-Out collection?

The “Post-Out” collection has very special rules.

Each work presented on is limited edition.
Once all editions are sold out, the artwork in its original state is no longer accessible, and never will be again!

BUT! The artwork sold out triggers the release of its hidden version called Post-Out. This unique version adapts the artwork in black and white, giving rise to entirely new emotions and a fresh look at the work of light and shadow.

How many editions are available per artwork?

These Post-Out versions have the same characteristics as their color versions: limited, numbered and signed, delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

The difference is in the number of editions available. Whereas the original color versions have 120 prints / artwork (all sizes included), the Post-Out versions are limited to 12 prints / artwork.

That’s 4 editions per available size. Once these 12 editions have been sold out, the artwork is definitively inaccessible.

When will this collection be available?

The Post-Out collection is currently close, since at least 1 copy of each original artwork is still available. When an artwork is sold out, you’ll find its Post-Out version right here.